How to reset your WordPress admin password

Did your last ‘web guy’ build you a WordPress site but thought that it was best if you didn’t have admin access to your own site?

We run into this a lot. Where you hire someone to build you a website and they don’t give you access to make your own changes.

Or they simply disappear without a trace and you can’t get admin access to the backend of your website.

No worries, we are here to help.

Hopefully you have access to your hosting account.

If you don’t have access to your domain & hosting account then you are pretty much out of luck and you won’t need to worry about the rest of this article.

Just get a new domain name and hosting account that you have control over and never make that mistake again.

If you have access to your hosting account, then you can easily reset your passwords in the database manager.

Go to your hosting manager… in there you will see a section called ‘Databases’ or ‘MySQL Databases’.

Now you should see a button for phpMyAdmin next to each database.


Click on the phpMyAdmin button and go into your database.

In the right column you will see the dropdown for wp_users.

WP Users

Click on that and find the user you wish to edit the password for.

In the right column you will see the encrypted password.

Password Column

Simply erase what is there and type in a new password.

In the dropdown in the left column, choose MD5 so it will re-encrypt the new password you are entering…and click go.


You new password is saved and should allow you to log in to your WordPress site.

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