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Are you the DIY type?

Maybe 1on1 training just isn’t your style. We get it.

If anyone knows about
‘learning at your own pace’…it’s us!


That’s why we have everything we would show you 1on1 in a password protected section of the website.

Does it cost money? NO, it’s FREE!

We’ve broken it down into 2 sections.

The first one is for beginners & covers the basics of WordPress.

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WordPress 101

(For Beginners)

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Already have a start on WordPress?

Think you’re ready to learn all of our secrets to building¬† bad ass websites?

This is where you will discover…

  • Which kick ass themes we use.

  • The plugins that make things ROCK!

  • Some excellent DOs & DON’Ts that might keep you from making some bonehead mistakes

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