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Is your business just starting out?

Do you have more time than money?

Are you struggling with building a beautiful website but can’t afford to pay top dollar to an expensive design agency?

You can learn WordPress from professional web developers that will share all of their secrets with you… LIVE 1 ON 1.

Teach Me WordPress

Don’t get hourly’d to death by your web guy!

Learn to update your own website without having to call someone for every little change!

Most WordPress designers act like it’s so difficult or technical to build a website.

We’re here to tell you that with our LIVE 1 ON 1 Training…

You can do it too!

Teach Me WordPress

You will know all about…

  • Domains & Hosting

  • Installing & Navigating WordPress

  • Themes & Plugins

  • Mobile Friendliness

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization

  • How to build custom contact forms!

Learn WordPress


1 ON 1

I want to learn WordPress


Just imagine everything you can do with this knowledge.

  • Build your own websites

  • Build out multiple revenue streams

  • Empower others by sharing with them

  • You can even start your own web design business

I’m Ready… Let’s Do This!

Here’s what they’re saying…

  • "She made it so easy & fun"

    After taking the WordPress training course with Katie, I was able to build my website for my direct sales business all by myself! I thought it was going to be hard at first but she made it so easy & fun that I wish I could take it again.

    Direct Sales Consultant
  • "Helped me take my business to the next level"

    The Happy Coders helped me take my business to the next level. In just a couple hours Katie taught me parts of WordPress that had eluded me for months.

  • "Building my online dream"

    The quotes I got to build the kind of website I needed were way outside my budget. I took the WP Training Course with Katie & her team for a fraction of the cost and now I'm well on my way to building my online dream.

    Business Owner
  • "Exactly what I wanted!"

    Before the tutorial I showed Katie a website that I really loved and wanted to model my site after. She showed me live how to build exactly what I wanted! The Happy Coders have definitely made me happy!

    Life Coach

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