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Thank you for giving your new Aloe a good home.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have. It means so much to us to share it with you, especially to Katie.

Katie has grown up with the very aloe you’re now caring for.

Her grandma grew Aloe at their lighting & electrical business on south Federal Blvd., where Katie grew her entrepreneur roots.

The counters were always filled with lamps and replacement glass, while the front windowsills of the store overflowed with Aloe.

An abundance of healing power packed in the East facing bay windows.


Grandpa & Grandma passed away years ago, 5 years since we said goodbye to grandma.


Her Aloe plants, among other things, were understandably neglected in those 5 years. Getting a drink every now and then by someone who happened to notice how dreadful the plants were looking.

Until Summer of 2016 when a few were finally rescued to a loving space.

After so many years of neglect though, it was questionable whether they would survive the shock from transplanting. They did…

When others were suggesting the plants be trashed, we nurtured them.

When others looked at us like we were crazy for watering ‘dead’ plants, we cared for them.

When others laughed at us for dreaming of the possibilities our Aloe plants will have one day, we dreamed even bigger.

When you look at your new Aloe plant, we hope you’ll remember Grandma and know that this is the kind of care & love The Happy Coders will bring to your business.

Have a question about your new Aloe or how we can better help your business?

Leave us a message, we’d love to know how your plant is doing!

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