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Warning! Your website may be at risk!

When was the last time you checked
if your site needed updates?

How often do you log in to the
backend of your WordPress website?

Did you know that the software running your website requires regular updates…just like Windows or any operating system?
This includes WordPress & the plugins installed.
Just like your operating system and applications, the farther you get behind on your updates, the longer it takes to get things back up to date.

It is crucial that your website’s
software is up to date.

Are you missing critical security updates?

Not having your website up to date leaves your site vulnerable to attack by hackers.

The damage can take hours to repair!

Many of our clients choose to have us do it on a regular monthly basis.
This gives them the piece of mind knowing that their updates are getting done right & their website is less vulnerable.
Not to mention, you get the latest & greatest upgrades from our favorite theme provider.

Top reasons to update:

  • Security Patches – Your site could be vulnerable to attacks or even something worse. Do your part to keep the internet safe.
  • Bug Fixes – Updates fix bugs & typically help things run faster, smoother…stronger.
  • New Features – You don’t want to miss out on new features that your theme or plugins might offer especially when they can help productivity with your business.

Have multiple domains to keep track of?
*Give us a call to discuss bulk pricing.

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